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    Nickel High-prssure Tubesheet





    Titanium pipe supply brands: TA1, TA2, TA9, TA10, Gr1, Gr2, GR7, GR12

    Supply specifications: diameter 18~108mm titanium tube seamless pipe, welded pipe diameter more than 108mm,

    Do titanium tube diameter: 18, Phi 25, Phi 32, Phi 38, Phi 45, Phi 57, Phi 76, Phi 89, Phi 108.

    Titanium tube wall thickness: 0.5~5.0mm,

    Titanium tubes often do thickness: 0.5~1.0, 2, 3, 3.5, 4, 5.0mm

    Titanium tube length: 5-6 meters, acid wash

    Titanium pipe standard: titanium alloy tube: ASTM, B337 GB/T3624-2007

    Titanium and titanium alloy tubes for heat exchangers and condenser tubes: ASTM, B-338 GB/T3625-2007

    Titanium tube titanium alloy seamless tube: B861-2002 ASTM

    Titanium tube titanium alloy welded tube: B862-2002 ASTM

    Titanium tubes: ultrasonic testing method: GB/T12969.1-1991

    Eddy current testing method for titanium tubes and titanium alloys GB/T12969.2-1991

    Properties and uses: titanium tube, titanium alloy tube with light weight, high strength, excellent mechanical performance. Widely used in aerospace, automobile parts, desalination of ocean engineering, offshore oil drilling, water piping; in the electric power industry of ocean thermal energy conversion plant, condenser, steam turbine titanium blade; chlor alkali chemical petroleum industry, soda ash, urea, and vacuum salt making petroleum chemistry; metallurgical industry in the electrolysis, electroplating, light industry textile, paper, fuel; medical medical industry equipment manufacturing machine human body joint replacement; industrial building decoration; sports equipment manufacturing, daily life in the computer, cameras, watches, glasses, mobile phone, kitchenware, and arts and crafts manufacturing. Heat exchange equipment, such as the calandria heat exchanger, coil heat exchanger, coiled pipe type heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator and pipelines, petroleum instrument, nuclear industry and so on.

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